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In order to make sure that our flour presses work efficiently and as they should we also fabricate ovens and cooling conveyors to complement the manufacturing process of our presses. The press is a key step in making a great flour tortilla but there are other steps that should not be overlooked. How your flour tortilla is cooked and cooled is essential to making sure your product is ready for delivery to your customers. With that in mind, below you can read over some of the equipment we fabricate from cooling conveyors to corn tortilla cutters.

About our Tortilla Equipment
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A tortilla sufficiently cooled before packaging is crucial to the manufacturing process; our cooling conveyors are designed with that goal in mind.


Our cooling conveyors are made of a stainless steel material and we only use stainless steel flex wire belts to ensure that food contact surfaces are not compromised.

We offer various sizes as well as 3 different levels of tiers described:

  • BV 5 Tier Cooling System

  • BV 7 Tier Cooling System

  • BV 9 Tier Cooling System

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Flour Tortilla

Our flour tortilla ovens are made to sufficiently cook your flour tortillas without losing moisture and create a pleasing cooking pattern your customers will find appealing. You can order your oven in 2 or 3 tier systems depending on your needs.

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BV Tortilla

This motorized chopper allows you to cut corn tortilla into perfect triangles for chips. Easy maintenance and serviceability allow the BV Corn Tortilla Cutter to run all day long. Check it out in action in our video playlist.

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Consistency is key to the manufacturing process and making sure that each batch that you make is processed the same as the last batch. With our Proofers you can ensure consistency is met by making sure that each batch is proofed at the same temperature and same amount of time.

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Dry Cutter

A simple design led to this efficient tool that helps minimize waste due to tortilla imperfections. Quickly stack a package of imperfect tortillas that would be tossed into the trash otherwise and cut them to the right size instantly.

Recipes & Consultation 

We understand that some of our customers may be new to making flour tortillas. To help, we have our own recipes for flour tortillas we developed over the years that will taste and look great.​​

Besides producing a flour tortilla of high quality and taste, the advantages of using the BV Tortilla Formula include:

  • Working with a batch of dough that is easier to manage and provides better texture in each flour tortilla made.

  • An increase of 8 percent in dough production with each batch. For example, a 100 lbs. The batch made without the BV Tortilla Formula produces only 110 packages (ten counts) of flour tortillas. A batch made with the BV Tortilla Formula produces 118 packages (ten counts) of flour tortillas. 

  • Saving costs on labor by not having to employ someone to mix and produce your own formula.

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